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Your Ultimate Destination for Tailored Furniture Solutions

BSC Interiors is your Comprehensive Furniture Solutions and One Stop Solution for a diverse range of furniture needs, providing end to end furnishing experience, from concept to installation and experience personalized furniture design to match your unique style and vision. We are proud to be a part of every piece of furniture, case goods, seating and storage partitioning system for offices, hospitals, classrooms and interiors.

Global design Influence

We emphasise how your furniture is influenced by diverse cultures and design trends from around the world, offering a unique blend of styles that appeal to a global audience

Innovative Design

We highlight the brand’s commitment to innovation in design and howcase furniture pieces that go beyond the conventional, incorporating modern aesthetics and functionality.

Customisation Options

We emphasize the brand’s ability to offer personalized and customizable preferred furniture solutions. This adds a touch of exclusivity and caters to individual preferences at any given time

Exclusive Collections

Explore the exclusive collections of Steelcase products, where cutting-edge design and premium quality merge seamlessly, offering unparalleled comfort and style while championing sustainability and innovation

Luxury & Eco Friendly

Experience the ideal blend of luxury and sustainability with Steelcase. Our products are crafted to bring elegance and comfort to your space while prioritizing our planet's health.

Technology Integration

We promote the usage of Innovative technologies integrated into your furniture, such as smart features, advanced manufacturing techniques.

Authorised Channel Partners

Steelcase is the global leader in innovative office furniture solutions. With a rich history dating back to 1912, Steelcase has consistently set industry standards, and we are excited to bring their cutting-edge products to your workspace and provide a comprehensive range of furniture, casegoods, seating, and storage solutions for offices, hospitals, classrooms, and residential interiors. Steelcase’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its noteworthy products, such as the iconic Think Chair, Karman, Leap chair, Gesture seating, and the SILQ chair, Personality Plus, Series1 and Series 2

Exclusive collections of Steelcase products

Think Chair, Karman, Leap chair, Gesture seating, and the SILQ chair, Personality Plus, Series1 and Series 2

Lexco Desking Collection, Flex Height-adjustable Desk, Lexicon desk, Migration SE Pro, 

Pods Like Orangbox cwtch, Orangebox AFTD, Acoustic Pods

B-Free Corner table and many more– all designed to enhance comfort, productivity, and overall well-being in the workplace.

At BSC Interiors, we understand that every workspace is unique. Collaborate with us to customize Steelcase solutions that align perfectly with your vision and requirements. 

Furniture Solutions

Elevate Your Workspace: Luxury Furniture for the Modern Professional

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