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Elevate Your Space: Top 5 False Ceiling Brands in India

Top 5 False Ceiling Brands in India

Introduction: Top 5 False Ceiling Brands in India

A well-designed false ceiling can transform any room, adding elegance, functionality, and a touch of luxury. Whether you’re renovating your home or designing a new space, choosing the right false ceiling brand is crucial. In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 5 false ceiling brands in India, each offering unique solutions to elevate your living or working environment.

1. Gyproc by Saint-Gobain

  • Gyproc, a brand under Saint-Gobain, has been a market leader in India’s building construction space for the past 30 years. Their products play an integral role in modern and emotionally resonant architecture. Gyproc offers innovative solutions for false ceilings, drywall, and gypsum plastering. Whether it’s homes, offices, hotels, or industrial spaces, Gyproc’s sustainable and functional components elevate interiors.
  • Why Choose Gyproc?
    • Versatility: Gyproc offers a wide range of false ceiling designs suitable for homes, offices, hotels, shops, and industrial spaces.
    • Quality: Their gypsum sheet layer not only enhances aesthetics but also reduces air-conditioning bills by minimizing heat transfer.
    • Global Reach: With over 12,000 employees across 56 countries, Gyproc ensures excellence in every project.

2. Armstrong

  • About: Armstrong, a renowned name in the world of ceilings, offers innovative solutions to elevate your living spaces. With a legacy spanning decades, Armstrong World Industries (AWI) is a market leader in both residential and commercial false ceiling manufacturing. Their versatile products, including 2×2 grid ceilings, are easy to install and removable. Armstrong’s commitment to quality and aesthetics makes it a preferred choice for creating stylish and functional interiors. Whether it’s an office, home, or commercial establishment, Armstrong ceilings enhance the ambiance while providing practical benefits. 
  • Key Features:
    • Commercial Excellence: Armstrong’s 2×2 grid ceiling systems are easy to install and removable, making them ideal for commercial spaces.
    • Global Presence: With 24 manufacturing plants worldwide, Armstrong delivers quality and innovation.


About:  SHERA, a prominent name in the world of false ceilings, brings innovation and elegance to Indian homes. As part of the top 5 false ceiling brands in India, SHERA offers a wide range of options for homeowners seeking to elevate their spaces. A false ceiling, also known as a dropped ceiling, is designed to fit below the original ceiling, creating an illusion of lowered height. SHERA’s lightweight gypsum and durable plaster-of-Paris (POP) designs cater to various preferences. Additionally, their wooden ceilings add warmth and sophistication to residential interiors

Product Range:

  • Boards
  • Floor Planks
  • Fiber Cement Fencing and Skirting

4. USG Boralt Here

About : USG Boral, a leader in the construction and interior solutions industry, brings its precision engineering to the world of false ceilings. Renowned for their meticulous attention to detail, USG Boral’s false ceilings elevate any space with a touch of sophistication. Their dedication to quality and innovation ensures each ceiling is a testament to their cutting-edge designs and manufacturing prowess

Noteworthy Products:

    • Drywall Suspension System
    • Metal Ceilings
    • Acoustic Panels and Ceiling Tiles
    • Joint Compounds
    • Wall Putty & Plasters

5. Gypcore

About : A Leader in Elevated Spaces For over 3 decades, Saint-Gobain Gyproc has been India’s go-to brand for premium false ceilings. They combine innovative design with functionality, offering a perfect blend of aesthetics and performance. From homes to offices, Gyproc’s sustainable solutions elevate your space to new heights.

Product Line:

    • Plasterboards
    • Plasters
    • Joint Fillers
    • Metal Frames


When it comes to false ceilings, these brands combine aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency. Consider your specific needs and preferences to choose the perfect false ceiling brand that will elevate your space to new heights!

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